Bob Rich

Elite Master

B.E.S.T. Practitioner and Wellness Coach


Terri Rich
BioEnergetic Assessment Practitioner and Holistic Nutritional Consultant

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At Best for Life, we use natural and non-invasive techniques and tools to access your personal physiology and help you experience lasting good health.  We change your body’s unhealthy patterns.  We change lives!


If healing isn’t happening, there’s a reason.  Best for Life addresses the “why” behind your physical symptoms for a truly holistic approach to lasting health and wellness.


A few of the positive physiological changes you’ll experience by working with Bob and Terri
at Best for Life include:



Strengthened immunity

Faster healing from injury or illness

Balanced hormones

Clear and vibrant skin

Enhanced physical performance

Better sleep

Improved digestive function

Reduced irritability and depression

Improved mental clarity, memory and ability to focus

Abundant energy



By helping one person at a time experience good health by moving from “fight or flight” fear responses to calm energy even under stress, we see endless possibility for a positive impact on our entire world!



“Best for Life is the single best investment anyone can make for a healthier, stronger future. Whether you’re looking to get over an injury, cope with traumatic experiences, learn how your body works or gain a tremendous amount of strength to perform at your highest athletic level, Best for Life will help you reach your goals.”



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